Chit Chat 4 Kids

Chit Chat 4 Kids is a mobile Paediatric Speech Pathology Service located in Berwick.

Chit Chat 4 Kids specialises in the assessment and treatment of children from 0-10 years. It is directed by Leah Lewis, a senior Speech Pathologist who has been working with children for over 16 years.

At Chit Chat 4 Kids we are dedicated to providing the highest standard of services for children and their families. We are committed to meeting the needs of our clients by offering a variety of therapy approaches depending on your child’s level of development and therapy requirements. Leah has extensive experience in supporting children with complex communication needs. She believes in building strong relationships with clients and their families to guide and support children to reach their full potential.

Chit Chat 4 Kids Speech Pathology Services is a registered provider under DSS - Helping Children with Autism and The Better Start Initiative. Medicare packages and private health insurance may also be used to cover the cost of speech therapy.

What is Speech Pathology?

In general, Speech pathology is the study, diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders. This may include supporting adults and children with difficulties in the areas of speech, language, fluency and/or voice. A Speech Pathologist may also support children and adults who experience difficulties swallowing food and drink safely.

Speech and language disorders in children can lead to difficulties in learning and development, reading and spelling, social challenges and low self-esteem. Speech Pathology for children aims to maximize their ability to engage and interact with others (adults and peers) for a range of functions (e.g., greeting, requesting, responding, commenting), as well as increase participation in activities that are typical for their age.

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